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AVIDWORX ready to launch M1!

For everyone who stopped by our associate booths at MERA and SEMA and asked us when they could get their hands on our new M1 series of showcases, we’re pleased to announce that the long tease is over. We’re taking orders starting March 1, 2013!

If you haven’t seen them in action, our M1 series is similar to our narrow M2 IMAGEWORX showcases, with a few crucial differences:

* M1 systems are wall-mounted, 18 inches wide to match the studs in most buildings. They can be assembled and mounted out of the box and can be up and running in about 20 per cent of the time it takes to install a floor system.

* You can fit up to eight different product categories in about 12 linear feet of wall space. It’s the cheapest (under $1,000) and easiest way to diversity your product offerings. Remember, if you’re not showing it then you’re not selling it!

* M1 showcases are modular, expandable and interchangeable, and offer interchangeable graphics. They’re fully interactive and educational, like all of our showcases.

* There’s a wide range of models available at launch, from showcases for multimedia and audio, to window tinting and remote starting. New models will be added as they come available.

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