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Friday COACHWORX Business Tip: The Best of 2017

At some point in 2017 AVIDWORX crossed the 100 mark on our list of weekly business tips, and heading into 2018 we can boast a library of over 131 published articles on a variety of topics for 12-volt retailers.

If you ever doubted the AVIDWORX commitment to transforming 12-volt retailers and the industry as a whole, this is only one way we reach out. We also hosted business workshops at several events this year, including an entire education track at KnowledgeFest for business owners.

Some of the tips run the gammut from technical advice for owners and managers to articles on the latest trends affecting retail.

We’ll be taking a break for the holidays but will return in January with some exciting news and promotions from CES.

Meanwhile, here is a list of 10 articles from 2017 – in no particular order – that we feel are must-reads:

What’s your Customer Acquisition Cost

Friday Business Tip: What’s your CAC?

A simple “What IF” reference for Excel

Friday Business Tip: A simple “what if” reference for Excel

A different view of millennials

Friday Business Tip: A different view of Millennials

Moonlighting in the workplace

Friday Business Tip: Moonlighting in the Workplace

The lesson from Sears

Friday Business Tip: The lesson from Sears

Making a splash at events

Friday Business Tip: How to make a splash at events

Five daily numbers every business needs to know

Friday Business Tip: Five daily numbers every business needs to know

Hire your own boss

Friday COACHWORX Business Tip: Hire your own boss

Business ratios to build your business

Friday COACHWORX Business Tip: Business ratios to build your business

Rebuild your credit score

Friday COACHWORX Business Tip: Rebuild your credit score

BONUS! This article isn’t from 2017 but we refer to it constantly:

4 Ways to Get More Email Addresses!

Friday Business Tip: 4 Ways to Get More Email Addresses!

And if you’re thinking of making any changes to your office in the New Year, consider picking up a 4-calendar whiteboard:

Friday COACHWORX Business Tip: The 4 Calendar System

Have a great holiday, personally and professionally. We have lots of exciting news for the New Year – new showcases, new software, new add-ons and upgrades, new partnerships and promotions, and dozens more ways to grow your 12-volt business.

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