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    "Simply Stellar! When I think of my experience with AVIDWORX, right from the beginning, it has been stellar. Customers still give me complements on how the store looks when they come in. We have been open for 4 years now the store still looks brand new. My business is up and we’re still growing, even with the economic downturn. If I did not do it right, I might have been another statistic."

    David Evans
    Adrenaline Auto Sound
    Clayton, NC


AVIDWORX was founded by Marcel Newell with $20 and a dream. The dream was to be the #1 mobile electronics interactive showcase provider in the world. Since 2002, AVIDWORX has transformed over 600 stores into more successful and profitable companies.

In 2013, after extensive consultation with industry leaders, AVIDWORX launched BUSINESSWORX, the first online marketing and management tools built specifically for the mobile audio and electronics industry. Tools include real-time business analytics of the most important retail numbers, powerful and easy-to-use direct marketing tools, and a human resource kit based on Fortune 500 companies.

Marcel is invited as a keynote speaker to tradeshows and dealer trainings all over North America to explain how retailers can change their businesses for the better. Early on, Marcel realized that owners and managers of companies all want three primary things: work less, make more money and have their teams run the business for them.

Marcel Newell, Quarterback

If you want to get from A to B, ask Marcel to figure out a plan for you.  He’s been doing this since he discovered he was a bad employee and should just own the business instead.

Inefficiencies drive him crazy.  Lack of focus makes him lose his mind.  And freedom – both financial and creative – is his key drive.

Marcel Newell built and sold several businesses before AVIDWORX. He’s a strategic business mentor, a Top 40 Under 40 Entrepreneur Award winner and a guy who sees opportunity at every turn.

His mobile electronics retail display company, AVIDWORX has been a top resource for stores since 2002 and he calls upon his Electrical Engineering background to design intelligent switching at the heart of the company’s Store-in-a-Box product line-up.  Because Marcel can’t stand to see something at less than its potential he has fine-tuned his ability to create a turbo-boosted plan to get any business up to speed – and his soft spot for Freedom means he sincerely wishes every business owner the same success.