Introducing AVIDWORX and M3

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    "I invested in the AVIDWORX “Whole Store Solution” at possibly the worst possible time in 2008. My business was shrinking, even before the financial down turn. Ever since the transformation to our store our business has been growing. We now dominate the market, especially in car audio. Once I took the plunge, I never looked back. I would hate to think what would have happened if I did not make the change. Thank you AVIDWORX!"

    David Powell
    Precision Audio
    Bainsbridge, GA

Introducing AVIDWORX and M3

2015-11-06 Whole Store Package - _Pro_View03

Whole Store Solution, Pro Level – Includes M3-7 sound stage, multimedia/video, factory vs. aftermarket demo, better sound (sound deadening) demo, driving safety, collision avoidance, advanced warning, remote start. Not shown: M3-5 marine stage, CUBE sales counter.

AVIDWORX is excited to help your store reach its full potential. By filling out the below form you’ll help us to better understand your needs so that we can serve you better.

You can also download the latest draft copy of our catalog by clicking the link in the sidebar, or visit to learn more about our new M3 Imageworx showcase systems.

“M3” stands for our third generation of modular showcases, while “Imageworx” refers to our focus on the overall visual presentation – wall art, onboard video, custom colors and finishes, educational graphics, and a slim, clean look that displays your products and services in the best possible light.

M3 is our most versatile and affordable showcase system to date, and is easy to ship and install. Our Whole Store Solutions start around $270/month if you opt for a 48-month lease-to-own program. Individual sound stages start around $72/month, while individual product showcases are available for as little as $15/month.

We will follow up with all inquiries within two business days, and can usually provide a preliminary quote by the following day!