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    "The first year after I transformed my store with STOREWORX “Whole Store Solution”, my business increased by over 100%. We have grown every year since. Last year we were still up over 30%, and I doubled my numbers with Alpine. Thank you AVIDWORX!"

    Paul Kenth
    Advanced Mobile Entertainment
    Brampton, ON

Case Study: Sound Depot and Performance

9 2014 Final 1.5

The completed showroom. SDP’s M2 sound stage is behind the Marine Audio, accented with red LED accents. In the first full month after the installation was completed, business was up 56%! They did host a sales event that might have skewed the numbers upwards, but even if that Saturday is left out, monthly sales were still up a whopping 32%!



 Omar-Mug Sound-Depot-and-Performance

“When I was opening a stereo shop, I always dreamed of the store I wanted. I never had the time or resources to put it together. That’s what the team at AVIDWORX did, they basically built my dream store.”

-Omar Jawad

The Client:

Sound Depot and Performance is based in Gainesville, Florida, and is regularly recognized as one of the top mobile audio and electronics stores in the nation. Their motto is “Your Ride is Our Pride,” and they mean it.

Omar Jawad, who started the company in 1998, is nothing short of a perfectionist in everything he does, carrying the top brands while ensuring he has also has the best trained sales staff and installation technicians.

When it came time to upgrade his showroom experience, he wanted nothing less than the best. For Omar, that meant AVIDWORX.



Before After
 2013-09-04 14.11.57  10395827_788202567902602_987771952827069056_n


The Job:

SDP decided to do a complete upgrade of their 1,600 square foot showroom, ensuring that everything would have a consistent look and feel.

“AVIDWORX did a great job explaining everything to me, and what the right formula is,” Omar said. “Everything they do is backed with research. They have a winning formula, they don’t just wing it. I felt very comfortable after talking to them, and had no doubts I was moving in the right direction.”

The installation was done over four days, with SDP remaining open to customers throughout. When the curtains came down and the work was revealed to SDP’s customers, Omar said the impact was immediate.

“Everybody who walks in is like, ‘wow.’ They let their guards down a little more. They feel more comfortable, everything in there is so beautiful. “

And functional as well. Jawad was able to diversify into several new product categories, and get a lot of products out of glass cases onto walls where customers can interact with them.

“We were set up for lots of space, lots of real estate, and as a result there were new items and categories that we had room for,” said Omar. “We’re more diversified and displaying things we never thought to display before, like backup sensors and radar detectors. And they’re not just on display, they’re functioning.”

The Result: 

It’s still early, but the numbers for the first full month after the install were staggering — a 56% increase over the previous year! They did host a well-attended sales event (assisted by marketing materials from businessWORX), but if you take that day out of the big picture, sales were still up 34%!

SDP Transformation

9 2014 Final 3

Product wall (just installed but no product yet).

9 2014 Final 11

Interactive video and aftermarket audio showcases.

9 2014 Final 14

Sound damping educational showcase, amplifiers (still being installed) and the M2 Sound Stage.


Most of all, Omar — a car audio enthusiast as well as a car audio retailer — was impressed by the quality of sound.

“The sound quality far exceeded my expectations, being able to demo speakers in this fashion is going to be huge for us. That’s something I’ve never been able to do before,” he said. “The sound quality AVIDWORX created with those individually tuned speaker enclosures is amazing, it sounds really, really good!”

The M2 sound stage

The M2 Sound Stage, completely wired for sound with built-in switching and red LED effects.

9 2014 Final 17

The interactive and amplified Marine Audio display with speakers, subs, amps and active switching.

The power wall! Lets customers listen to a selection of different enclosed subwoofers from the same control board.

The power wall! Lets customers listen to a selection of different enclosed subwoofers from the same control board.


There are a few reasons why AVIDWORX showcases offer superior sound quality to retailers:

  1. Sound damping is included in audio showcase installs, reducing any vibration or noise that could impact sound quality.
  2. Individual tuned enclosures provide superior damping.
  3. AVIDWORX currently offers the highest power switches that are available on the market, made to last at least 10 years in the harshest (read: busiest!) showroom conditions with no servicing required.
  4. The showcase enclosures themselves are made of dense, high-quality particle board to emphasize the sound, while also reducing noise.


Project Gallery

Before: front counter and closing station.

Before: front counter and closing station.

After - closing station (still incomplete).

After – closing station (still incomplete).

Back of store.

Back of store then.

Back of store now.

Back of store now.

Front of store then.

Front of store then.

Front of store now.

Front of store now.

Sound and control.

Sound and control.

Sound and power.

Sound and power.

Solar film / window tint.

Solar film / window tint.


 Omar-Mug Sound-Depot-and-Performance

Customer Satisfaction Ranking for AVIDWORX Productions:


“AVIDWORX gave me the best customer service I’ve had in my entire life. It was truly a world-class experience, from start to finish – from the first phone call to the site inspection to the handoff, it was amazing.”


-Omar Jawad

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