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    "Simply Stellar! When I think of my experience with AVIDWORX, right from the beginning, it has been stellar. Customers still give me complements on how the store looks when they come in. We have been open for 4 years now the store still looks brand new. My business is up and we’re still growing, even with the economic downturn. If I did not do it right, I might have been another statistic."

    David Evans
    Adrenaline Auto Sound
    Clayton, NC



The first tool in the ever-expanding BRANDWORX toolkit.

Have you ever wondered why companies that look good are more successful? It’s because a company’s identity is directly linked to its ability reach and dominate profitable areas of the market.

We help our customer’s reach their dream market by creating identities that are inline with their company’s goals and objectives.

The benefits of building a stronger identity for your company

  • Ensure that the look of your company is inline with future plans for growth
  • Build trust in your local marketplace and online
  • Increase the perceived value of your products and services
  • Reach-out to your dream market

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An Identity Package for every kind of store.


There is an Identity Package to suit every store, regardless of size or budget. Identity Packages are available in three levels: Platinum, Gold and Silver.

PLATINUM: Platinum is for stores with larger budgets that want a detailed Identity Package and printed Identity Standards Document.

GOLD: Gold is for stores with a modest budget that want to invest in an affordable Identity Package that will take their business to the next level.

SILVER: Silver is for stores that have a smaller budget but recognize the need to invest in a professional Identity for their business.

Compare Identity Packages

Use this table to easily compare each BRANDWORX Identity Package.

Platinum Gold Silver
Identity Research Research competition, industry standards, trends, limitations, develop color palette, emotional direction.
Identity Design Illustrations directed by research, develop the identity's form before developing digital proof.
Identity Development Develop digital proof.
Proofing Adjustments based on client feedback.
Identity Approval Identity approved before being prepared for print and screen use.
Designer's Statement The message behind the design, artistic direction, design notes.
Identity Standards Document (pdf)
A professionally designed, electronic, booklet that outlines the rules of reproducing your identity, acceptable colors and applications.
Identity Standards Document in Duplicate [Printed and bound], and Electronic [PDF] A pair of professionally designed, printed and bound, booklets that outline the rules of reproducing your identity, acceptable colors and applications.

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IDENTITY DESIGN PROCESS It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

The identity design process starts by asking focused questions about you company’s ambitions, style and perception before putting you in direct contact with your own AVIDWORX Designer who will guide you through every step of the identity design process.
Let us assess your identity for FREE.



DRIVEN AUDIO - British Columbia, Canada

driven audio identity

Recently we had the pleasure of creating a new identity for Driven Audio.

Tony Dehnke and the gang at Driven Audio were under a tight deadline to create their new company identity before they started working with the AVIDWORX, BRANDWORX Service. We worked closely with Tony to pull everything together with a few days to spare.

The result, as you can see, is clean and super professional. This identity will enable Driven Audio to tap in to their dream market, while still being relevant to their loyal, current customers.