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    "The first year after I transformed my store with STOREWORX “Whole Store Solution”, my business increased by over 100%. We have grown every year since. Last year we were still up over 30%, and I doubled my numbers with Alpine. Thank you AVIDWORX!"

    Paul Kenth
    Advanced Mobile Entertainment
    Brampton, ON


AVIDWORX offers business essentials training and coaching with on-site training and ongoing remote coaching support. Get your retail team sharpened, aligned and inspired to build a world class business with you. COACHWORX training solutions will help your car audio sales and can help give your team the tools to stay in front of the competition.

Training Modules:

Power of the Demo: From greeting the customer, qualification, objection handling, to closing the sale, the training sessions will keep retailers sharp, leave no money on the table and increase the closing ratio from 1 out of 10, to 5 out of 10.

Corporate Culture (Vision/Mission/Core Values): Take a step back and look at your business from the outside… What is your Vision? What is your Mission? What are your Core Values? And how can you use the answers to these questions to build your business into a leader in your region?

Strategic Planning: Any positive change starts with a strategy, a document that maps your way forward. AVIDWORX breaks down the strategic planning process, providing small businesses with a guide for taking their store or stores to the next level.

Human Resource Management: People are the core of every business, and yet most employers making hiring decisions in the first 30 seconds of meeting someone, based on first impressions and a firm handshake. You owe it to your business to focus more on the human resources side of things, to make better hiring decisions, to provide employees with better job descriptions and orientation so they can succeed, and to regularly review employee performance and progress.

Financial Management: Most people budget annually and will check statements every three months or so, but what are the most important numbers to watch? Do you know how much money your store needs to earn each day to cover operating costs, or how close you are to reaching your goals? Better financial plans produce better financial results.

Installation Profitability: While you can control margins when it comes to product sales, what happens in your back room is a different story. Delays, mistakes, unexpected costs, investments in tools and equipment, inefficient use of resources (wires, connectors, wood, materials) and other issues/distractions can reduce the profitability of your shop. Change your systems and take control with AVIDWORX.

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