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    "I invested in the AVIDWORX “Whole Store Solution” at possibly the worst possible time in 2008. My business was shrinking, even before the financial down turn. Ever since the transformation to our store our business has been growing. We now dominate the market, especially in car audio. Once I took the plunge, I never looked back. I would hate to think what would have happened if I did not make the change. Thank you AVIDWORX!"

    David Powell
    Precision Audio
    Bainsbridge, GA

Industry Leading Design

AVIDWORX designs and manufactures the highest quality hardware products that meet, and exceed, the ever-changing demands of the Car Audio and Electronics industry. We create industry leading retail environments that turn-heads and create results.

A diversified, amplified and interactive M3 showroom.

Introducing M3 + mediaWORX

AVIDWORX is pleased to introduce a new line of customer experience centers with the release of M3 – our most cost-effective and easy-to-install showroom solution yet. What is M3? M3 is a wall-mounted showcase system with clean lines and infinite possibilities. They are …


STOREWORX Whole Store Solutions

STOREWORX transforms your store into the absolute leader in your region. How? AVIDWORX combines industry-leading showcase designs, branding expertise and strategic merchandising into one complete package to help you grow your business. You never get a second chance to make …

M3-5 Audison In-Store Experience Center

Branded Solutions

AVIDWORX is working with some of the top names in 12-volt and mobile electronics to create unique branded “store-within-a-store” concepts that help retailers draw more attention to their core brands. The showcase solutions include branded educational videos, and an interactive …

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AVIDWORX announces new M3 Imageworx showcase options

AVIDWORX is hard at work expanding its new line of M3 showcase systems, consulting with retailers to find out what they need. For April, AVIDWORX has launched four new products: an amplifier island, narrow slot wall sections, a mini client …