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  • Client Feedback

    "Simply Stellar! When I think of my experience with AVIDWORX, right from the beginning, it has been stellar. Customers still give me complements on how the store looks when they come in. We have been open for 4 years now the store still looks brand new. My business is up and we’re still growing, even with the economic downturn. If I did not do it right, I might have been another statistic."

    David Evans
    Adrenaline Auto Sound
    Clayton, NC

Industry Leading Products

AVIDWORX designs and manufactures the highest quality hardware products that meet, and exceed, the ever-changing demands of the Car Audio, Home Audio and Portable Electronics industries. We create industry leading retail environments that turn-heads and create results.

Car Audio Store

Car Audio Showcases

A wide range of stunning interactive displays that draw people in and make it easy to educate customers and move product.

Home Audio Stores

Home Audio Stores

AVIDWORX is excited to design and develop products that create an inviting retail environment as well as generate sales for Home Audio Stores.

Portable Electronic Stores

Portable Electronics Stores

AVIDWORX products, help Portable Electronics Stores lead the way when it comes to displaying and protecting today’s cutting edge technology.