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    "I invested in the AVIDWORX “Whole Store Solution” at possibly the worst possible time in 2008. My business was shrinking, even before the financial down turn. Ever since the transformation to our store our business has been growing. We now dominate the market, especially in car audio. Once I took the plunge, I never looked back. I would hate to think what would have happened if I did not make the change. Thank you AVIDWORX!"

    David Powell
    Precision Audio
    Bainsbridge, GA

Introducing M3 Imageworx

A diversified, amplified and interactive M3 showroom.

A diversified, amplified and interactive M3 showroom.

AVIDWORX is pleased to introduce a new line of customer experience centers with the release of M3 – our most cost-effective and easy-to-install showroom solution yet.

What is M3 Imageworx?

M3 Imageworx is a wall-mounted showcase system (floor standing options are available) with clean lines and infinite possibilities. They are low-cost, easy to install, and offer the ability to share educational product videos with your customers.

“M3” stands for our third generation of modular showcase systems. “Imageworx” refers to our approach to the visual presentation. Showcases include wall art, onboard video, custom colors and finishes, educational graphics, and a sleek, low-profile design that displays your products and services in the best possible light.

What are the advantages of M3?

Lower Cost – M3 is our lowest cost option for retailers by a wide margin, enabling us to create complete Whole Store Solutions with sound stages another product categories starting at $270 per month (4-year lease-to-own contract). Shipping costs are significantly lower as well.

Easy Installation – Simple switching and easy installation means that no installers are required, saving you even more. Retailers can often install an entire showroom in a day or two, remaining open to the public the whole time. And if you’d rather not bother with it, we do offer installation services using our experienced crew of techs.

Optional Video and mediaWORX – M3 showcases are available with a choice of an educational graphic or a TV monitor. You can show videos that support your brand, your logo, slideshows and videos of your work, and other educational video content. Adding mediaWORX lets you stream media content wirelessly through your computer and a mediaWORX account, while also counting the number of users to gauge store traffic.

Variety and Customizability – We can build and configure M3 showcases for almost any application, with over 40 standard (36″) and slim-line (18″) combinations available for a wide range of product categories. The list includes: sound stages, marine/outdoor sound stages, better sound demo, factory upgrade demo, video/multimedia, remote start, smart start, smart start & track, advanced warning, bass stations, amplifiers (showcases and islands), power management, navigation, window treatment, car wraps, driving safety, collision avoidance, and more.

We also support retailers with a wide range of showroom systems including client service tables, client wait tables, CUBE service counters, and more.



Sample car audio and marine audio wall murals.

Sample car audio and marine audio wall murals.


M3 Branded Solutions

M3 is available in branded colors and configurations, often at a discounted rate with generous retailer incentive packages with offset the initial investment. The following branded options are currently available:

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Basic, Plus and Pro configurations offer retailers more than enough space to showcase Race Sport products.

Race Sport




Stinger Roadkill



More Coming Soon!

Branded solutions include brand wall art, monitors, wireless mediaWORX players, and branded video content.

Incentives typically include a rebate on the cost of the system (up to 30%), discounts on display product, and in some cases additional incentives through Volume-Incentive Rebate (VIR) programs.


How to Order M3 Imageworx

To price and order M3 Imageworx sound stages and showcases, click here to fill out the form. You will be contacted within two business days by a members of the AVIDWORX team. You can also download a copy of our new catalog by clicking the link in the sidebar.

To help us with your store redesign, you will be asked to provide photos of your store, inside and out, as well as a rough floor plan showing room dimensions and the location of fixtures and doors and windows. A photo of a sketched floorplan is enough to get started. Please email your photos and floor plans to