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    "I invested in the AVIDWORX “Whole Store Solution” at possibly the worst possible time in 2008. My business was shrinking, even before the financial down turn. Ever since the transformation to our store our business has been growing. We now dominate the market, especially in car audio. Once I took the plunge, I never looked back. I would hate to think what would have happened if I did not make the change. Thank you AVIDWORX!"

    David Powell
    Precision Audio
    Bainsbridge, GA

Introducing AVIDWORX Themes

Create a professional image instantly with AVIDWORX Themes

First impressions are everything in retail. One study said that 70% of a store’s image is established for the customer within a few seconds of entering your store, which means you want to project a professional, organized, and high-end image immediately.

AVIDWORX Themes – offered as an add-on service to our Whole Store Solutions – provide retailers with an easy way to create a polished and consistent sales presentation on par with other leading retailers that will instantly assure customers that they’ve come to the right place. People like to know they’re dealing with experts and that you’re serious about what you do – and any store can project those things with a few simple upgrades.


Below is an actual retailer we worked with to create a theme.


Test Render

AVIDWORX superimposed themed wall art onto the walls, incorporating the retailer’s colors and logo, while also reflecting the store’s product categories and brands.


The Final Result


Wall art is just one of the ways we apply themes to stores. Themes can also be applied universally to store letterhead, business cards, marketing collateral, mirror hangers, work uniforms, and more, ensuring your project a professional appearance at every customer touchpoint.

How do AVIDWORX Themes work?

Step 1: Pick a Theme

The retailer chooses one of five basic themes (custom themes are also available on request). For wall art, we then apply the theme to imagery that matches your products, incorporating your store colors and logo.


Abstract Lines
Abstract-Lines AL-Marine
Honeycomb Honeycomb-Offroad
Modern Wave
Modern-Wave Modern-Wave-Road
Spotlight Spotlight-Urban
Tech Lines
Tech-Lines Tech-Lines-Offroad


Step 2: Pick a Color

AVIDWORX offers six standard color schemes that can be applied to all of your store’s collateral. Again, custom colors are available on request.


Step 3: Apply your Theme

AVIDWORX will provide you with themed collateral matching your theme and color choice. (Note: some collateral like the price tag template, digital newsletter and banner are designed to work with BUSINESSWORX marketing and management software. Used together, the templates and collateral will provide a consistent and professional impression at every customer touchpoint, building brand recognition in the process.


Getting Started

For more information on how to theme your showroom and store, click here and fill out the form. A member of our team will be in touch by the following business day.