Sony M3 Stimulus Program

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    "We have are an aggressively growing franchise system built on window tinting and detailing. AVIDWORX has helped us with a retail strategy to diversify our revenue pie and more than double our business. All we have to do with a franchise prospect is take them to a store, then they fall in love it. We added over 30 new franchise licenses over the last six months and have many more in the pipeline. We owe a lot of the success of our business model to the input and presentation that AVIDWORX created."

    Charles Bonfiglio
    Tint World, USA

Sony M3 Stimulus Program


Note: This page is intended for authorized (and potential future!) Sony retailers. The Sony Stimulus Program combines an interactive and amplified store display program with educational multimedia content, with the goal of providing customers with a more engaging, entertaining and educational customer experience — while boosting sales and Sony’s brand at the retail level.

For more on the program, and the benefits of bundling, click here to download the brochure.

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Step up to a fully amplified and interactive M3-3 or M3-5 showcase by AVIDWORX, or a basic M3 Lite system (NEW for 2017), and let your customers experience Sony’s leading edge speakers, amps, receivers and subwoofers the way they were meant to be experienced.




AVIDWORX Productions and Sony USA have partnered to create the Sony Stimulus Program, a new display program to stimulate the industry and local marketplace. The program – which applies to M3-3 and M3-5 configurations – provides authorized retailers with payback incentives to invest in a Sony “store-within-a-store” for their showrooms. The end goal is to boost sales and the Sony brand by creating a compelling customer experience.

Sony Stimulus Program Details:

The stimulus program includes a number of incentives from Sony and AVIDWORX for retailers:


Introducing Sony M3-Lite


Measuring just 42″ wide, the easy-to-install Sony M3 Lite showcase provides retailers with an easy way to draw attention to Sony’s lineup of AV receivers and speakers.

Note: The M3 Lite will be available in late 2017 through leading Sony distributors across North America. You can find out more by filling in the form at the bottom of the page, and by downloading the PDF:

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M3-3 Package
$2,599 after rebate or $70/month
Regular $3,377

  • W: 72″ / H: 56″ / D: 8″
  • Up to (4) speaker pairs, (2) AV source, (1) amplifier channel and (1) mono sub amp channel
  • Upgrade switching to add up to (4) additional source and (4) subs.
  • 32″ Monitor
  • Sony “Colors” Wall Art file (printed and installed at retailers’ expense)
  • Product Panels (precut available, depending on configuration)
  • Product (provided by Sony upon approval)
  • (1) Sub riser
  • (2) Small amplifier brackets

M3-5 Package
$3,499 after rebate or $95/month
Regular $4,377

  • W: 108″ / H: 56″ / D: 8″
  • (8) speaker pair, (6) AV Source, (1) amplifier channel and (1) mono sub amp channel
  • Upgrade to Essentials to add up to (4) additional source and (4) subs.
  • 32″ Monitor
  • Sony “Colors” Wall Art file (printed installed at retailers’ expense)
  • Product Panels (precut available, depending on configuration)
  • Product (provided by Sony upon approval)
  • (1) sub riser (not as pictured)
  • (2) Small amplifier brackets

AVIDWORX will provide links to Sony brand videos to all retailers to load onto USB sticks. However, if the retailer signs up for the BUSINESSWORX “Free-ish” account for $84/year, we will send them a complimentary video player valued at $259 that plays videos wirelessly. We can even add a complimentary logo video for your store.

Lease-to-own Financing: There are several ways to purchase a Sony sound stage from AVIDWORX, including Credit Card (Visa or MC), bank transfer, financing, or a combination of the above. To apply for financing with flexible terms, click the link below:

The Rebate Program: AVIDWORX will apply rebates up to $878 (M3-5) with proof of installation. The wall art must be in place and the showcase installed with Sony product within 60 days of receiving the shipment.

Wall Art: Sony branded wall decals add depth and appeal to any wall space, creating a store-within-a-store appearance.

M3 Design: M3 was designed to be AVIDWORX’s most cost-effective and easy-to-install line of showcases, providing retailers with robust switching, easy product installation, and great overall sound quality. Other features include easy scaling for both the showcase and switching, allowing for as many active source inputs, and amplifier and subwoofer outputs, as you need to activate your entire line.

NOTE: You must be a certified Sony dealer to take part in the program.