Stinger Roadkill M3 Program

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    "Simply Stellar! When I think of my experience with AVIDWORX, right from the beginning, it has been stellar. Customers still give me complements on how the store looks when they come in. We have been open for 4 years now the store still looks brand new. My business is up and we’re still growing, even with the economic downturn. If I did not do it right, I might have been another statistic."

    David Evans
    Adrenaline Auto Sound
    Clayton, NC

Stinger Roadkill M3 Program


Explaining the benefits of sound deadening products is one thing, showing the difference is another.

AVIDWORX has created a simple but powerful interactive showcase that lets you compare the sound of identical speakers – one mounted to a metal plate with a simulated vapor barrier, and another mounted to Stinger Roadkill. Customers will be able to clearly hear the difference for themselves.

The full details of the program will be announced after CES 2016, but this is what we can share today:

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