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  • Client Feedback

    "We have are an aggressively growing franchise system built on window tinting and detailing. AVIDWORX has helped us with a retail strategy to diversify our revenue pie and more than double our business. All we have to do with a franchise prospect is take them to a store, then they fall in love it. We added over 30 new franchise licenses over the last six months and have many more in the pipeline. We owe a lot of the success of our business model to the input and presentation that AVIDWORX created."

    Charles Bonfiglio
    Tint World, USA

STOREWORX — Our Whole Store Solution

STOREWORX transforms your store into the absolute leader in your region. How? AVIDWORX combines industry-leading showcase designs, branding expertise and strategic merchandising into one complete package to help you grow your business. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make it count.

Express Store Main image

Express Store – 300 to 500 sqft.

Punch above your weight class with a STOREWORX Whole Store Solutions that stop people in their tracks. Get your customers’ attention and keep it.

Small Store image

Small Store – 500 to 800 sqft.

Create a fully interactive retail experience to let your customers see, hear and touch the technology; give your team a complete retail system that ensures success.

Medium Store image

Medium Store – 800 to 1,500 sqft.

Whole Store solutions with a proven track record for generating sales. Educate and enthrall your customers by showcasing the products and possibilities at their high-end best.

Large Store image

Large Store – 1,500+ sqft.

Create a retail experience your customers won’t forget. STOREWORX creates a rich, emotional experience that “wows,” builds trust, connects with people — and is guaranteed to move product.