10 Actual Ways Retailers are using BUSINESSWORX to GROW their businesses

BUSINESSWORX users are putting the tools in the program to work in all kinds of ways, helping them to market, measure and manage their 12-volt businesses more effectively. Whether it’s direct marketing, building customer loyalty, or boosting your presence on review sites, BUSINESSWORX is getting results.

Here are the top-10 ways that BUSINESSWORX is already helping businesses to grow:

1. Putting daily numbers to work – DASHWORX measures over a dozen different important business numbers, taking your daily sales information and putting it into a context you can use.

One of the most important measures is an algorithm that looks at your daily sales and the number of business days left in the month to give you an idea where you’re going to finish at your current rate – giving you a chance to do something about it before it’s too late.

One store is hosting a special birthday promotion this month to boost numbers, advertising it to over 4,000 customers through MAILWORX.

2. Adding more, and better, reviews – Over 82% of customers now research stores, products and services online before shopping, which means your store’s online reviews can make all the difference. REVIEWORX makes it easy to ask your best customers for reviews by simply sending them a text.

One BUSINESSWORX store added over 50 more reviews in the first two weeks using the system. Remember, it’s not all about stars – having a large number of reviews also builds trust with customers, and can have a huge difference when people make shopping choices.

3. Boosting revenues – One customer recently added window tint services to his store. To let his customers know, he sent out a prewritten MAILWORX campaign with some custom additions to his customers. The over 800 customers that opened the email went on to spend over $13,000 at his store over next 30 days! And that’s just one of the metrics that BUSINESSWORX measures that show the impacts of your marketing.

4. Intercepting unhappy customers – Bad reviews and negative word of mouth can sink a business over time. By automatically thanking customers for their purchases and inviting customers to submit a survey through LOYALTYWORX, a retailer can intercept unhappy customers and fix the problem before they tell their friends or write a negative online review.

5. Find out more about their stores – LOYALTYWORX surveys are a goldmine of useful information about how your store and staff are performing – as well as how those customers found your store and whether they would recommend you to others. One customer is averaging over 20 new surveys every month!

6. Uploading custom videos and content – Stores are taking advantage of MEDIAWORX digital signage by submitting custom logo videos, photo slideshows and samples of their work to the system – reinforcing their brand identities while creating a professional look for their showrooms. Stores we are working with are adding more screens after seeing the impact of digital signage on the showroom experience.

7. Recognizing staff – DASHWORX tracks individual staff performance when it comes to sales, average sale value, and email collection, giving you a good idea of who’s killing it these days and who could benefit from some help. As well, LOYALTYWORX surveys ask if there are any staff members who helped them that they want to mention, as well as whether your staff members are knowledgeable and helped orient the customer to the product.

8. Bringing customers back for more – Bring Back and Concierge campaigns in LOYALTYWORX are already bringing customers back for installation inspections and servicing, keeping customers happy while also letting them know about other products and services you offer. Getting a customer into your store is probably 99% of the battle when it comes to making sales.

9. Tagging stores – PRICEWORX provides retailers with an easy way to print three sizes of price tags, tag sale products and give customers more information on the features and benefits of everything you sell. There are over 2,300 products in our global database, which is always growing.

10. Helping long-range planning – DASHWORX provides retailers with three years of monthly sales data to help retailers identify soft spots in advance and spot trends early enough to take action, plus a realistic assessment as to how your marketing efforts are doing at bringing in new customers. One retailer is already planning his marketing and promotions for next August after recognizing that as a soft month for his store with a negative trend downward. As well, CLIENTWORX mapping tools will show you where your best customers live, which is the first step to bringing more of them into your store.

And this is all just the beginning. In the next few months, the team at BUSINESSWORX will be adding more content, more features, and more tools. To find out how we can help your store, CLICK HERE to take one of our interactive demos.

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