Friday COACHWORX Business Tip: Using instruments to sell subwoofers

Nothing beats a live demonstration when it comes to emphasizing the importance of the low end in car and marine audio.

A lot of people associate subwoofers with vehicle pounding up and and down their streets at 3 a.m., or can’t see a good reason for giving up even a small amount of trunk space for a big speaker.

That’s why AVIDWORX created our Factory Upgrade Demo. This system lets you compare the sound of factory speakers to aftermarket speakers, and then add an amplifier and subwoofer to the audio track before cutting back to the factory speakers alone. It’s an effective demo because people can hear exactly what they’re missing.

There is another way to underline the point, however, and that’s by adding a musical instrument to your sound area.

We all know that mid-range speakers can’t really reproduce tones below 200-250 Hertz, they can only approximate them. That means that your speakers can’t play a number of songs that make use of low-end instruments.

For example, the low “E” on a bass guitar is around 41 Hz. Some players may use a bass tuned lower to E-flat, or a five-string bass is with a low “B” around 30 Hz. There are a lot of bands that love the low end, like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tools, Pink Floyd, etc. that can demonstrate the range difference to customers. Comparing a bass line on a bass guitar to the bass approximated by a mid-range speaker tells a pretty compelling story.

Other instruments go low as well. For example, a kick drum is around 52 Hz, and a bass drum is usually 40-80 Hz. Pick any drummer you want to emphasize this difference.

Pianos go low as well. The first 35 keys of an 88-key piano are below the 200 Hz mark, starting with the low A at just 27.5 Hz.

Again, once your customer hears what’s missing from their audio, they won’t be able to stop thinking about it. Next time they see a live band they’ll hear all of the notes and tones they’re missing out on every time they get into their vehicle.

There will always be people who blare their bass, but for most people it’s about having that warm, well-rounded sound quality where nothing is missing. Adding a Factory Upgrade demo display to your showroom can help – and so can a simple demo with a musical instrument.

If you have questions about AVIDWORX Factory Upgrade demo showcases or anything else we offer, let us know at fixmystore@avidworx.com.

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