Friday COACHWORX Business Tip: Working on Yourself

While AVIDWORX is always recommending that business owners work on their businesses instead of in them, it goes without saying that owners need to work on themselves as well.

It can be lonely at the top, whether you’re the CEO of a company with 50,000 workers or a small business with five. Your employees only have the stress of dealing with things that they’re responsible for, and while those stresses are real they pale in comparison to the stress an owner can go through wearing fifty different hats in a day – accounting and payroll, customer service, marketing, human resources and training, operations and administration, ordering inventory… the to-do list is virtually endless.

To cope with so many pressures and so many balls in the air at all times, small business owners need to work on themselves to ensure that they are performing as well as they can, reaching their goals, and – most importantly – enjoying themselves. At the end of the day, it has to be worth it, and money in your hand at the end of the day is not a great measure of personal satisfaction.

The number one thing that retailers get when they attend industry tradeshows and workshops is the reassurance that they’re not alone, that other people are facing the same issues and going through the same things. Misery loves company because company makes you less miserable.

Some of those owners and workshop leaders will have answers that ease some of the pressures that you’re feeling or some ideas of things that you can try to improve your situation.

Workshops and industry events are only one way to work on yourself.


Is there someone in the industry you admire? A calming presence who you can call to talk you through anything because they went through all the same things themselves and came out ahead? Consider asking that person if they would help mentor you for a year or two, and if they say yes then arrange regular calls and check-ins, and work with that mentor on a list of things they recommend for your business.

Note everyone will step up to the plate, but a lot of people will. It’s the ultimate compliment for people that are getting older and starting to think outside their businesses and their personal legacies.

Business Coaching

COACHWORX exists to help retailers with all aspects of their business, providing retailers with access to a network of successful retailers and coaches that can give advice on everything from finances and budgeting to sales, to the day-to-day operation of your store. There are other resources for business coaching as well – a Google search will find the closest ones – but be sure to pick someone who has actual business experience. A business coach generally coaches you on the business and management side of things and can help you set up the systems and processes that will help things run smoother in the future. With a paid coach, it’s always best to have a specific objective in mind.

Life Coaching

This is where self-improvement gets interesting. Life coaches work with people a lot of different ways. For example, they might try to help you create a better work-life balance, or help you figure out how to fit everything – work, family, life, health – into your schedule. It’s about the whole person. It’s about identifying your strengths and weakness, your wants and needs, and then setting goals and holding yourself accountable as you work to reach a point where feel that you’re in control of everything you can control – and okay with all of the things you can’t. Again, a Google search is the first place to look

Self Help

The self-help industry is valued at over $10 billion, which if nothing else is proof that you’re not going through the process of working on yourself alone.

There is no shortage of gurus out there that are willing to take your money, some of which have risen to almost cult-like status. That may be for you, but honestly, the best place to look for advice may be in books – or more likely audio versions of books that you can listen to on the way to work. Amazon has a massive self-help section, which is a good starting point as they’ll list all of the top-selling books in a variety of self-help categories, as well as recommendations for similar books. Whether your issue is time-management or stress-management, there’s a book for you.

Personal Training

A lot of issues like stress, poor sleep, sore joints, lack of patience, etc. can stem from our physical condition, which is why so many people opt for personal trainers.

You can get healthy on your own, but you might have bad knees or a bad back that is keeping you from getting started. Or you’ve reached a point where you’re so out of shape you don’t even know where to start. A trainer will help you identify your weaknesses, work around your limitations or sore spots, and build a realistic program for getting back into reasonable shape. They will also give you lots of great information about stretching, nutrition, exercise preparation and more that you can adapt to a larger fitness program.

Why wait?

The reality is that everybody needs to work on themselves, every day of their lives, in order to be the best they can be. The questions you should ask yourself at the end of every day are:

  • Am I a better person today than I was yesterday?
  • Did I learn anything new?
  • Am I healthier or maybe less healthy? And if less healthy, what can I do tomorrow to get back on track?
  • Did I handle my stress at work well? Was I able to work on my business, or did I spend the whole day working in it?
  • Was I good husband/wife and father/mother?
  • Did I reach any goals or cross off any milestones?
  • If I had today to do over, what should I have done differently?
  • How can I make tomorrow even better than today?

There is a saying, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” While that’s a bit dramatic, it is important to think about yourself sometimes and all the ways that you could improve.


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