Curacao, Huntington Park – Another new M3 Imageworx install in progress!

This is a great project we’re working on with Curacao in Huntington Park. The wall art files still need to be installed, but they went with the Standard White for a clean look and the results so far have been amazing.


This is our M3-5 sound stage with upgraded high-power switching.


Our M3 Imageworx Better Sound display with HushMat, and our multimedia Video display.


The big board! An M3-7 sound stage with upgraded switching.


M3 Imageworx Collision Avoidance, Driving Safety and Remote Start.


A wider view…


The Lighting & Accessories board (still under construction).


M3 Imageworx Media Control showcase.


The Factory Replacement demo in progress.

We will update this gallery as more photos become available, including a few photos with some exciting wall art installed.

If you have any questions, or want to find out how AVIDWORX can transform your showroom into a diversified, amplified and interactive sales machine, click here and fill in the form. Someone will call you within two business days. We can usually provide a preliminary quote by the following day.

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