Sell MORE Sony with AVIDWORX

Add a Sony sound stage to your showroom to create more excitement and sales around Sony’s leading edge mobile audio gear. AVIDWORX showcases are fully interactive, allowing customers to hear the difference for themselves.

Sony M3-3, M3-5 Sound Stages

Professional Sony M3-3 (not pictured) and M3-5 sound stages offer retailers an affordable, interactive way to showcase a wide range of Sony product. The M3-3 has space for four speaker pairs while the M3-5 has eight.

Showcases include switching (4 or 8 speakers, 2 AV source, 1 amp channel, 1 sub amp channel), a media player and monitor, a sub riser, (2) amp brackets, and a power distribution module.

Upgrades include additional switching (up to 6 AV source, 4 subs, 2 amps, 4 sub amps).

Not included: power supplies, switching, wall art (file provided for self-printing), speaker/AV wires, or supply product.

Depending on the available promotion, Sony may provide retailers with free or discounted display product, as well as other incentivies. For the latest information, fill in the form below:

New! Sony M3 Lite

Available now in the AVIDWORX store, the Sony M3 Lite is an easy and affordable way to showcase the latest Sony 12-volt products.

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